Living with Art
-Seasonal Coordinate-

White butterfly, Kenji Kawai

Untitled, Antoni Clave


Autumn is said to be the season of art. Art has the power to create a story. Some stories are entrusted to the painting by the artist, while others are spun by the viewer. In any case, people like stories. The works and abstract paintings of contemporary artists, because they are abstract, inspire various imaginations on the part of the viewer. For whom and for what? If you look at the details of the work while imagining such things, you may find the thoughts and hints that the artist put in. This autumn, while looking at the works of contemporary writers, you can imagine a story of your own as a detective. It may be a fashionable way to spend autumn.

In autumn, the green turns yellow and red at once, which makes you feel the changing seasons. The autumn leaves have a feeling of exhilaration for the beauty of the melancholy that goes away, which is different from the flowers of spring. The paintings that match the autumn scene and the image are probably landscape paintings and heavy oil paintings. Art finds and expresses beauty in sadness, loneliness, sadness, death, aging, ugliness, and despair, which seem to be taken as negative. On the contrary, these are indispensable for feeling love, beauty, joy, life, youth, fun, and peace of mind. How much can you feel these contrasts from one picture? Think of it as a little game, and why not take some time to pensive while having tea and slowly gazing at the original mental landscape depicted in the picture.

Autumn with beautiful leaves, Hideo Shiode

Sologne Plain, Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

Sologne Plain, Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

Girl Hiroki Oda

Georges Rouault

Three pigeons, Kazu Wakita

September, Jean-Pierre Cassigneul

After Rain, Fujitani Kazuharu

In the Japanese world of "Wa", it is important to change the interior before the season arrives or passes away. That's nice, but in our modern life, you can choose according to your own taste and sense. Even in summer kimono, the snow ring pattern can create a cool feeling. The title of this print of Consignor is "September". A lady with an elegant appearance while feeling the strong summer sunshine is perfect work for summer. Add the green and red in the picture to the table to make it even more gorgeous and refreshing. Besides, it would be nice to try to incorporate paintings on the theme of the sea and mountains and contemporary art in a modern taste. The important thing is playfulness inside you.

Bright flowers soften the heat of summer. Especially the flowers that bloom near the water and the purple flowers make you feel cool. "Shugetsuka" means "early summer flower", but Yamaguchi Hoharu's "Shugetsuka" is a wonderful painting that you can decorate throughout the summer without feeling any discomfort. Perhaps it is an iris, there is a freshness that makes you feel the water. It seems okay to decorate this painting from April to mid-summer. There are many other flower paintings that suit the refreshing summer. The hanging scroll of the physalis is drawn with the butterfly perching on the physalis, which seems to remind us of the scenery of the Japanese countryside during the summer vacation.

Coordinator: Yumiko Sato

Shukabana, Yamaguchi Hōshun

Hozuki, Kawasaki Shōko