Artist: Michele Berlot Title: Attraversare spazi e spazi

Artist: Sandrine Jarrosson Title: La vie est belle

27 MAY-2 JUNE 2023
An Aboriginal proverb recites the following words: "Take care of the Earth and the Earth will take
care of you, destroy the Earth and the Earth will destroy you", an important thought from which to
start for careful reflection. Taking care of the environment is a topic of great importance and
extremely current, how can we talk about sustainability and how can we be sustainable? Surely
the first step to protect the environment is to know it and get as close as possible to Nature, how
often do we come into contact with it? The selected artists will have the opportunity to get closer
to the elements of nature, representing them as they see fit and how they interpret the
environment, choosing the tools they deem best. Colors and materials, whatever they are, will be
the protagonists together with the ideas of each artist. An exhibition that pays attention to
sustainability, to the sensitivity of the artists and the observer, where art becomes the starting
point for careful reflection.
Vanessa Viti
An exhibition born to reflect on the climate emergency, the role that each of us plays to contribute
to a functional change in which every single individual in his small way can decide to implement.
Raise awareness through culture, artists and their art to cultural change.
In this exhibition we talk about sustainability, environment, development through the works of
some selected artists who through their artistic language are able to make us go through a
reunion with the elements of nature, with the vibrations that arise within us when we feel and
perceive the language of each individual artist, sensations that take us back to our origins, but
which allow us to reconnect with the world by creating progress, evolution, empathy between
human beings.
Art plays a fundamental role in all of this because it helps to reflect, to dialogue, to communicate
through new approaches, different languages, meanings and perhaps to offer us a slightly greener
internal and external world in which to live.
Giulia Zanesi

Members of the Grün exhibition

Michiko Sho, Junko Fukuma, Mari Nakaya, Isako Miyake

Kimiko Motohashi, Asako Kono

Paul Aizpiri

Matumoto Masaru

Fukui Sawato

Joan Miro

This is a collection of unique modern and contemporary Japanese and Western paintings. The works are all by painters you may have heard of at least once. Please take this opportunity to view them.

The Tokyo Art Antiques project, a charity bidding event, will also be held at the same gallery. Enjoy the excitement of bidding.





Yamaguchi Hoshun




Flower Flower

Susumu Maki "rose"

Eigeru Kitazawa "ROSE”

Doresgen Porzellan

Minori Yoshita "Large Dish with Lotus Flower Design"

We have a collection of works that live in early spring
Please feel free to drop in

Exhibited works
Kawai Gyokudo, Shoha Ito, Kansetsu Hashimoto
Tsuchida Bakusen, Chusaku Oyama, Hoshun Yamaguchi
and more

Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot
Maurice de Vlaminck
Pablo Picasso
Georges Rouault
Fujita Tsuguharu
Yamaguchi Hoshun
Kawai Gyokudo
Gokura Senjin
Araki Jippo
Yamamoto Kyujin
Mukai Junkichi
and more

Tokyo Art Antiques-Nihonbashi / Kyobashi Art Festival-
There are plenty of gallery exhibitions, events, charity bidding, etc. that you can enjoy from contemporary art to antique art at once.

At our gallery, we are planning to exhibit the artists who took charge of the Showa era from the Meiji era.

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Gallery Kujaku, we will hold an exhibition of Yasushi Sugiyama, who has a close relationship with us. We look forward to welcoming you to the hall on this occasion.