Tree peony/whigh compoosite

(Description) Sakakibara Shiho (August 8, 1887 - January 7, 1971) was a Japanese painter from Kyoto, Japan. His real name was Anzo.
He received training at the Kyoto Municipal School of Arts and Crafts from Takeuchi Seiho and other important figures of the Kyoto art world, and emerged at a young age at Bunten. In 1918, together with Tsuchida Bakusen and others, he founded the Kokuga Sosei Kyokai (Society for the Creation of National Painting), which aimed to encourage the free expression of individuality, and produced ambitious works. In his later years, he left the art world and left behind many ink paintings that showed a high level of spirituality. He painted flowers and birds throughout his life.

Size: 26.5 x 27 cm (picture size), 35.5 x 135 cm (shaft size), double width

Material: Silk. Colored / Co-boxed

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