Lotus flower 


Sakakibara Shiho (1887-1971) was a painter who devoted himself to painting flowers and birds with a deep love for them. Sakakibara Shiho was born in Kyoto and studied at the Kyoto Municipal College of Painting and other schools. In 1918, he formed the Kokugaku Seisaku Kyokai (National Exhibition of Painting) in search of a place to create freely, and he brought a new style to the art world with his innovative works.

 After the dissolution of the Kokuten in 1928, Shiho withdrew from the art world and pursued his own art in a solitary life. In his early years, he painted colorful works with both vividness and strength, and then gradually moved away from colors to create a clear and transparent style. In his later years, he arrived at ink paintings surrounded by silence to capture the true beauty of nature.

Size:36x36.5  Frame size51.5x130cm

Media:silk, color 1921works

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