Konan Village Early Spring

Mukai Junkichi (November 30, 1901 - November 14, 1995) was a Japanese Western-style painter. Active before and after the war, he traveled from Hokkaido to Kagoshima for more than 40 years, and throughout his life he painted pictures of old private houses, earning the nickname "the Mukai of private houses".

While traditional houses were gradually disappearing due to the rapid economic growth after the war, Junkichi continued to travel around Japan to paint old thatched-roof houses. Based on a variety of sources and Junkichi's own words, it is estimated that he painted more than 1,000 minka (traditional Japanese houses), and as many as 2,000 minka works in oil. 1,074 works painted between 1959 and 1988 have been recorded. According to this record, he made about 32% of his works in Saitama Prefecture, 19% in Nagano Prefecture, and 13% in Kyoto Prefecture. The peak period of the year is from February to April, followed by October to December, with very few works produced in August. The reason for this, according to Junkichi, is that "in order to paint a private house, overgrown trees and grass get in the way, and also because I know that I am not good with the colour green".

Art historian Nobuo Tsuji cites Junkichi as one of the painters whose work is sure to be appreciated in the future.

Size: picture size h38 x w48, frame size h57 x w64.5

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