Green Grape

Somiya Ichinen (September 9, 1893 - December 21, 1994) was a Japanese Western-style painter, essayist and poet.
He was born in Tsukemachi, Nihombashi-ku, Tokyo (now Nihombashi Hamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo). His real name is Kishichi Shimoda. Received instruction from Tojiro Oshita, Takeji Fujishima, and Seiki Kuroda. After graduating from Tokyo Art School, he studied under Shintaro Yamashita and Tsune Nakamura, and received a commendation at the Bunten exhibition in 1914, and the Ushiyu Prize at the Nika exhibition in 1925. In 1965, he resigned from the Kokugakai due to failing eyesight, and in 1971, he stopped painting due to blindness in both eyes. In 1971, he gave up painting due to blindness in both eyes and began writing, calligraphy, and henaburi (kyoka). "He is known for his landscape paintings such as "Plain Evening Reflection" and "Clouds at the Foot of the Mountain. He also excelled in writing, winning the Japan Essayists Club Award in 1959 for "Lava by the Sea.

fan, box

Size:  Picture W50×H24cm
       Frame size W75×H47cm

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