Okumura Togyu (February 18, 1889 - September 25, 1990) was one of the most famous Japanese painters of our time. His real name is Okumura Yoshizo. The name "Togyu" (meaning "earth cow" in Japanese) was taken from a line in a poem by his father, who ran a publishing company, "Togyu plows the fields of stone". Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Inten Exhibition. Member of the Art Academy. Awarded the Order of Culture. Studied under Hanko Kajita and Kokei Kobayashi.

His works are characterized by his success in achieving very subtle color adjustments by applying gofun and other materials with a brush, which is said to have been applied 100 or 200 times. <Fuji" (or "Fuji") is famous, and is displayed at the Imperial Palace.

After his death, his son, who was worried about the huge inheritance tax imposed on his works, confessed that he had burned the sketches, which had relatively low value, and this became a hot topic. This brought the issue of inheritance taxation of art and crafts to the public's attention.

Size: Picture34×25cm 

        Frame size 42×51cm


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